Genevieve Douglass, MA, MAPP

I work primarily with individuals, helping them to gain clarity about their motivations and core values so that they can move forward in their life with assurance. 

I've held many roles over the years -- receptionist at a zoo, fast food cashier, piano teacher, product manager, composer, motivation consultant, yoga instructor, writer, curriculum planner, researcher, and songwriter. Chronically curious and dissatisfied with common conceptions of what work should be, I turned my focus to figuring out the healthiest ways to approach this aspect of life. 

I've worked on research at many institutions including the London School of Economics, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania on topics including motivation, physiological changes during negotiation, bias in academia, and the perception of work as a calling. I've consulted with the Smithsonian Gardens, Lagniappe Academy, and Pivotal Labs, among others. I hold a Master's of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in composition for film from New York University, and a BA in music from Rollins College.

I'm currently researching motivation and engagement in software engineers, conducting interviews with a wide range of professional developers. If you're interested in being a part of this project, please email her with a little bit about your background.